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California Rural Infrastructure Finance Guidebook

CALED knows from our work supporting economic development throughout the state, specifically as part of our Rural Exchange, that infrastructure financing is a challenge for many rural communities. This guidebook was developed to meet the need for a resource to help build capacity in those areas, as well as move economic development projects forward.

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It is our hope that this guidebook empowers California’s rural leaders and economic development practitioners to continue the thoughtful and important work they are doing to make a difference on behalf of our rural communities and residents.

Thanks to a generous grant from the United States Department of Agriculture-Rural Development (USDA Rural Development), we created this Rural Infrastructure Finance Guidebook.

Thank You to Our Contributors

Thank you to the community members in each of the counties that took the time to meet with the CALED team during our site visits, as well as participating in countless emails and calls to finalize project details.

Colusa County:

Jesse Cain, City of Colusa
Greg Plucker, Colusa County

Del Norte County:

Mike Baker, Crescent City Harbor District
Charlie Helms, Crescent City Harbor District
Chris Howard, Del Norte County Supervisor
Linda Leaver, City of Crescent City
Jon Olson, City of Crescent City
Jay Sarina, Del Norte County
Lane Tavasci, Crescent City Harbor District
Eric Wier, City of Crescent City

Mono County:

Stacy Corless, Mono County Supervisor
Nate Greenberg, Town of Mammoth Lakes & Mono County
Dan Holler, Town of Mammoth Lakes
Jennifer Halferty, Mono County Supervisor
Haley Lang, Mono County
Patricia Robertson, Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc.
Jeff Simpson, Mono County
Alicia Vennos, Mono County

Thank you to the economic development practitioners who contributed portions of the Guidebook.

Disaster Relief Funding:

Raissa de la Rosa, Economic Development Manager, City of Santa Rosa
John Kessel, Office of Recovery and Resiliency, Sonoma County Administrator’s Office
Ethan Brown, Program Manager, Sonoma County Economic Development Board

Does Your Project Pencil? Case Studies and Worksheets:

Diana Sasser, Field Director, National Development Council

Thank you to the editors that reviewed sections of the Guidebook


Janae Davis, California Pollution Control Financing Authority
David Espinoza, Ph.D., North State Planning and Development Collective
Courtney Farrell, North State Planning and Development Collective
Suzy Kim, RSG, Inc.
Denise Malvetti, City of Sacramento
Helen Schaubmayer, CALED
James Simon, RSG, Inc.
Randy Starbuck, A2B Consulting
Michael Starinsky, USDA Rural Development
Renee Webster-Hawkins, California Pollution Control Financing Authority