Do You Want to Locate Your Tech-Based Business in California?

If you are looking to expand or move your technology-based business to California, this foreign direct investment (FDI) Tech Guide will help you navigate the business environment by providing key resources to answer some of the most pressing questions businesses must consider when locating in California.

As the fifth largest economy in the world, California is known for its culture of supporting new and emerging businesses – especially, those that create or embrace new technologies to advance innovation. We champion the value of diversity and welcome foreign entrepreneurs to our state, which is why we developed this guide to help you with key information and resources to plan your entry into the California market. Some key items you should review are:

  • 外国直接投资清单 – things to consider before, during, and after locating your business in California
  • Economic Development Organizations – information on local contacts that help businesses move to and thrive in California
  • Golden Rules for FDI: Success Stories – case studies on successful foreign businesses that have located in California and how they did it

The California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) is pleased to bring you these valuable resources. The guide is made possible through the support of the U.S. 商业服务, including sharing expertise from senior staff as well as writing contributions from the following interns provided through Virtual Student Federal Service program; Julia Braeuner, 印度na University Bloomington; Nailah Pierce, University of Massachusetts Amherst; and, 格雷斯·托马斯, The University of Texas at Austin.

另外, we are grateful to all the professionals that shared their knowledge to create a tool that foreign tech-based businesses can use to strategically plan their entry into our state. We hope this guide helps your business grow here and helps you fulfill your California Dream.

Additional Location Assistance Resources

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